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Product Support [email protected]
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Welcome to Simple Affiliate System!

Please Read The Short Message Below...

Hey, Tim here.

I want to personally welcome you to the family.

I can't even tell you how excited I am that you’ve taken the first steps to making money online.

Taking control of your income, your time, and ultimately your life, is probably the best decision you could have made today.

Real quick, I want to lay out the next steps you'll need to take…

And also to warn you about some of the potential pitfalls you might run into.

Because hey, I’ve been doing this for over a decade now, so I've seen a thing or two.

And if nothing else, I’d like to help you avoid making the mistakes I made along the way.

I like to call it “collapsing time” because without making these mistakes yourself, you will get to your end goal faster.

This is your quick-start guide so make sure you read this carefully before diving into the Simple Affiliate System content. 

And it's so important that you read this...

I’m giving you a free $500 gift.

(details to come)

Yes I’m essentially paying you to make sure you get this information, because it is crucial to your success.

And it’s that important to me that you succeed with my system.

So please make sure you watch this all the way to the end before you get started with the Simple Affiliate System.

The reason I made this video is simple.

Your success with the Simple Affiliate System is directly dependent on how soon you take action.

I know this because I’ve looked at the stats from the thousands of people I’ve helped over the years.

But for every person I’ve helped make a success…

There are 7 or 8 others who never had a chance.


Because they didn't take action immediately.

And that is the kiss of death when it comes to your success (AKA making money.)

Momentum is very real.

It’s the difference between being one of these success stories and floundering completely.

Just look at what happens when people DO take action immediately.

Each and every one of the people above got to it right away.

And as you can see, they were reaping the rewards right from the get-go!

I could tell right from the start that each of these people were going to be wildly successful using the Simple Affiliate System.

Like I was saying, I’ve found one key factor that determines who will make a ton of money in this industry, and who will fail.

And it all comes down to taking action right off the bat.

Will you be one of them?

I sincerely hope you are.


However, 80% of the people reading this will never succeed in this industry.

That’s just the cold hard truth.

But I really, really want you to succeed.

The reasons are simple.

One, I sell the Simple Affiliate System to help people.

And it’s a great system that can make you a bunch of money on your own terms.

But only if you actually get started.

Second, I’m in this for the long term.

And I find that my most successful “students” almost always come back to me down the road so I help them grow their income system (and their wealth.)

So it really benefits everybody involved when you find success right out the gate.

(And trust me, this kind of success is addicting.)

Plus I want to point out some of the “pitfalls” you may encounter along the way.

Which means you’ll have the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others so you can start raking in a nice income ASAP.

Alright, so here we go. 

I’m going to quickly walk you through the steps I take when I get started promoting a product.

Obviously, you need a product to promote, so you’ll need to pick one that you like and that you think will sell.

I show you how I go about picking products I promote inside the Simple Affiliate System that should be arriving in your inbox in the next few minutes.

Now obviously there are millions of products out there so I realize this isn't the easiest thing in the world.

So some people get overwhelmed and freeze up.

I do not want this to be you!

So if you get hung up choosing which product to promote, make sure you reach out so I can help.

The last thing I want is for you to get derailed by “paralysis analysis.”

Alright, so after you settle on which product to promote, it’s off to set up your very own Simple Affiliate System!

The next thing you need to do is create an “opt-in page.”

This is where people voluntarily give you their email addresses in exchange for the information you will give them.

This is how you will “build a list.”

Your list is just the people who you will be sending emails to.

And this list of email addresses is where all your income is going to come from, so this is pretty important.

Now there are a few important parts of your opt-in page that you should take note of.

First, you’ll want to have a headline that grabs the reader's attention.

It should explain what the person will get when they “subscribe” to your email list.

So you’ll want to explain what kind of information they’ll receive when they get emails from you.

And then you have a box where they enter their email address so that it’s automatically added to your list! 

Pro tip: Giving them bonus information as a gift will increase the likelihood these folks will give you their email address.

So for example, if you're promoting fishing lures for bass fishermen, you could bribe them with a report on when the best time to fish for bass is.

The more information you offer, the more email addresses you will collect!

You can see an example of a basic opt-in page here:

Pretty simple concept, huh?

There are certainly plenty of other strategies and tips to make your opt-in page more appealing, but the most important thing is to make sure you get it up!

If you need my help with this, make sure you reach out.

But we’re not done with our opt-in page quite yet.

Because just as important is making sure that your opt-in page is connected to your ESP (Email Service Provider).

This way the email addresses are automatically added to your list so when you hit “Send” your email goes to all the people on your list.

So you just have to send one email…and it goes out to everyone at the same time.

And remember, every time someone buys from your email, you get paid a commission!

Plus if this one simple step isn't done right…

You’ll never see any of the email addresses people have entered into your opt-in page, and you’ll have no one to send your emails to!

So it’s pretty important that this is set up correctly.

Pro tip: Always test to make sure that your opt-in page and email service provider are connected properly to ensure you're not losing out on commissions! 

I’ve seen this happen far too many times!

Ok, so the next thing is to load up your “Autoresponder” email sequence.

These are the welcome emails that you’ll send to the people who “opted in” to get your emails.

This is important because these emails are often where you make a bunch of sales right off the bat.

Here’s how they work.

You write a series of “welcome emails” that get sent out in a specific order.

It depends on your style but most people have 5 to 10 emails in this welcome sequence.

Then you load these emails into your email service provider (ESP) so that it automatically sends these emails out for you when someone gives you their email address on your opt-in page.

And if you craft these emails properly, they will make sales for you automatically.

Which means you write these emails once and let the software do the work for you from that point forward!

This is the best part in my opinion.

Because I love making money on “autopilot!”

But unfortunately, I’ve seen people lose a ton of potential sales simply because they didn't have “autoresponder” emails set up.

So it’s imperative you get this step right.

I show you how to do this in the Simple Affiliate System course, but if you’d like some peace of mind on this please reach out to me.

Pro tip: Please, please, please, triple-check to ensure that your autoresponder emails are set up properly!  

This is the easiest way to make money on “autopilot” and it’s easily the #1 mistake I see newbies make!

And lastly, you're going to decide how you drive “traffic” to your opt-in page.

Now when I say “traffic” all I mean is getting eyes on your opt-in page.

Attracting qualified customers to you by offering them the information they are looking for.

After all, if no one sees your opt-in page, they won't be able to give you their email address!

You can do this the free way (called organic traffic)...

This can be quite labor-intensive in many cases.

Think of it as “sweat equity.”

You can build up an audience over time if you put in the work and it won't cost you a dime.

This is a nice option to have because anybody can do it, even if they don't have a budget of any kind.

It requires a lot of posting on social media, joining groups, and offering value to attract strangers.

Most of the sharp folks create a bribe of sorts called a “lead magnet” to lure interested folks to their opt-in page.

Remember the free fishing guide for the bass fisherman?

That’s an example of a lead magnet.

They work if you offer something juicy enough for your market.

Or you can take a completely different route.

Because you can pay for traffic.

The paid route is a lot less labor-intensive since you are paying to get your information in front of qualified prospects.

All you need to do is go in and select which kind of people you want to see your information.

I lay all this out in the Simple Affiliate System if you choose to take this route.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze.

Now, there is no right or wrong way to drive traffic to your opt-in page.

It’s entirely up to you how you wanna do it.

The advantage to paying for traffic is that you can grow MUCH faster.

The disadvantage is that you could blow through money real quick if you don't do it right.

Pro tip: Come up with a budget that fits your specific needs. Bust out a calculator and do some math!

Nothing is worse than seeing a motivated newbie blow their entire budget the first week or two only to give up a month in because they didn't have a plan.

Ok, so that’s what you’ll need to do to get set up and ready to start bringing in some dough.

From there it’s all about continuing to send emails to your list promoting the products you chose.

Now I lay all this out in the Simple Affiliate System blueprint, but I still get a ton of emails from folks asking what they should promote and what they should write in the emails.

I get it.

It’s always scary starting a new thing and you can never be sure if you're doing it right.

So in a minute, I’m going to give you a chance to team up with me personally to help you get your Simple Affiliate System set up.

But first I want to tell you about the next steps you should be taking once you get this set up and going.

Because here’s the thing…

Things change fast in this world.

The internet is moving faster than ever, so nothing stays the same for long.

Which is why you’ll need support as you progress in this industry.

It’s the reason I’ve joined several “masterminds.” 

I spend $50,000 (or more) every year just to stay up to date on what’s working, and what's changing.

But I don't want you to have to spend all that money to get into these high-level masterminds.

Not because they aren't valuable. I can tell you they are worth every penny.

I wouldn't have made a million dollars every year for the past 12 years without this kind of ongoing education and support.

In fact, I would say the information I get from these is priceless.

And when you're ready...

I want to share this information with you on a regular basis.

So you can stay on the cutting edge.

Because in this industry, if you fall behind, you go broke.

That’s just the cold hard truth.

So I consider this the next step in your journey.

At least that’s how I think about it.

But a few months back I had one of those A-ha! moments.

And I’ll admit I felt a little silly not thinking of this earlier.

Because once people who bought the Simple Affiliate System watched this welcome video/quick start guide…

My inbox was flooded with emails.

Emails from folks who didn't want to wait to take the next step in their journey.

These people were telling me they wanted me to work with them to get their system all set up properly AND to give them ongoing mentorship as they go along.

Ensuring that they are always the “tip of the spear” in this industry.

And so they don't have to go back and fix the things they may have screwed up.

Which made me think more deeply about it.

After all, why would you wanna start behind the 8-ball?

And besides, there are a lot of people out there who would rather learn from experience instead of learning from information alone.

Think about it this way:

You can read 100 books on how to surf, but you’ll never really learn until you get into the water and actually do it!

And when it comes to this kind of continuing education and support, it's not a matter of IF but WHEN.

After all, I’ve been able to be successful at this for a long time because I always keep innovating.

Things are always changing and you can't stay static.

And it’s a whole lot easier for someone who's been in the trenches for over a decade than it is to learn it all on your own just starting out.

I mean It’s like jumping off a cliff and building your parachute on the way down!

And I want to get you addicted to winning by making you successful right out the gate.

So I locked myself in a room one day and I asked myself:

What would I do to give a newbie as close to a 100% chance of success as possible?

And I didn't leave that room until I came up with a comprehensive plan to accomplish just that.

Because I want to help give my people an unfair advantage.

So I created my own mastermind of sorts. (Without the high price tag.)

And this is what’s going to make you successful in the long term.

Like I said, if you're going to stick around in this industry, it’s not a matter of if, but when you jump on board.

But if you're anything like the go-getters who already bought the Simple Affiliate System, you’ll want to start out with a bang.

The choice is yours, of course. 

I think you get the point, so let me tell you what all you’ll get when you become an “Income Insider.”

  • We will build your opt-in page and connect to your Email Service Provider (ESP) for you ($1,000 value)

This means you’ll get direct help from my highly experienced tutors every week to help you with things like: sending broadcast emails, checking your sales and email stats, and helping you navigate the online marketplace in general.

Pretty sweet knowing that we have your back along the way isn't it?

But we're not even close to being done with all the benefits yet.

Next up:

  • We will write and load up your Autoresponder emails for you.  ($2,000 value)

Remember this is a crucial step and most people just feel better getting this out of the way and knowing that an experienced professional did it for them.

After all, this email sequence is how you’ll make a lot of sales commissions on autopilot.

  • We will create a customized traffic plan based on your budget. ($450 value)

You don't wanna go broke right out the gate because you didn't have a solid traffic plan. (I see this way too often).

We will help you set up a budget and a plan that makes sense for you.

  • We will provide “done for you emails” that you can tweak to send to your email list. ($1,250 value)

These emails are based on proven results that I have personally experienced. You’ll just need to spend 3-4 minutes making them fit your audience and watch the sales commissions roll in!

But that’s just a taste of what you're going to get.

In fact, I’ve made this so valuable that you’ll probably feel dumb for saying “no” to everything you’ll get with the Income Insider package.

Because you’ll also receive:

  • (2) Done With You Affiliate Promotions Every Month ($2,000 value)

This means you will get to join me when I do my 2 special promotions every month.

And let’s just say these can be insanely valuable to anyone who participates.

After all, why wouldn't you want me to do a promotion with you?

Because when I win, you win (and I love to win.)

To be honest this is practically like free money for anyone who takes me up on this. 

  • You’ll also get a FREE membership to a special website called WeBuyClicks ($1000 value)

This alone is worth more than what I charge to become an Income Insider.

I won't go into the details too much right now, but having access to this exclusive website DOUBLES the amount you get paid for commissions.

Just think about that for a second.

Let’s say you made $500 in “normal” commissions one day.

If you made the same exact sales, but had access to this website you’d make $1,000 for the same amount of work!

How long do you think it would take for this website to pay for itself?

I’ll let you do the math on this one.

Because honestly if I gave you nothing but this free membership, it should pay for itself in no time flat.

Alright, I think you get it so let’s move on.

  • You’ll also have access to group tutoring sessions every week. ($1000 value)

This means you’ll get direct help from my highly experienced tutors every week to help you with things like: sending broadcast emails, checking your sales and email stats, and helping you navigate the online marketplace in general.

Pretty sweet knowing that we have your back along the way isn't it?

But we're not even close to being done with all the benefits yet.

Next up:

  • Your lifetime Discount on clicks from Zero Chase Media (Limitless value)

This is a fast, simple, proven way (that I use) to get leads & sales on AUTOPILOT!

This has saved me so much time and money over the years, I can't even tell you.

Remember a few minutes ago when I was talking about driving traffic to your opt-in page?

Well, this service sends highly-qualified prospects to your opt-in page FOR YOU automatically.

Which means you don’t have to do all the labor-intensive work to drive free traffic…

And you won't have to spend money on paid traffic if you don’t want to.

Now how much faster do you think you can start raking in the dough if you didn't have to worry about driving traffic because it's coming to you automatically?

Plus I want to highlight the fact that this is highly qualified traffic.

Which means these people are already interested in the information you have to share.

This is important because it means the people giving you their email address are far more likely to buy the products you promote than any other kind of traffic.

So to put it bluntly this service will help you make more money, faster…all while doing less work.

If that’s not a win-win situation, I don't know what is!

Next up:

  • Weekly group training live with ME. (priceless)

Now I’ll tell you that I don't do consulting these days.

It just isn't worth it for me.

But If we're to do live consulting I’d charge around $1,000 an hour.

And that’s essentially what you're getting from me every single week.

Once again this alone is worth more than what I’m even charging to become an Income Insider.

I know people who would kill to have me train with them every week.

But I don't offer that service anywhere and I’m only hosting these elite training calls for the Income Insiders.

But that’s not all.

Because you are also getting

  • Weekly support calls on managing the tech side of things ($600 value)

Even though you don't need any real computer skills to make money using the Simple Affiliate System…

There always seem to be these little tech problems that can creep up.

At least that's what it seems like to me.

So every week you will have access to my highly-skilled tech team who can help you through any problems.

That’s the peace of mind I want my Income Insiders to have moving forward.

But that's not all because I recently added ANOTHER weekly training call for our Income Insiders.

  • Weekly Email Copywriting Training ($1,000 value)

You wanna make the most money you can off each email you send right?

Well, what you write in those emails determines how many people on your email list end up buying.

That’s what “copywriting” is.

The actual words you write in the email.

And a complex blend of art and science that takes a long time to truly master.

UNLESS you have access to top-tier copywriters who can help you along the way.

And you’ll have access to my A-list copywriter every single week on a training call.

This is a game-changer for many of the Income Insiders in the program.

And honestly, you're not gonna get this kind of quality tutoring anywhere else without paying BIG bucks.

(Most good copywriting coaches cost between $2,500 and $5,000 a month!)

And on top of all of that, you’ll get 

  • Access to our private membership group ($299 value)

This is an Income Insiders members-only group where you can go to ask questions, interact with other high-performing members, and anything else you might need.

This community is like a family. We take care of one another.

And when you become an Income Insider you're like one of the family.

Now, remember all of this is ON TOP of the regular course.

So let's go over what we've covered so far.

When you become an Income Insider you get:

  • Your Opt-in Funnel Built For You - (Optin Page & Thank You Page) - ($1,000 value)
  • We’ll Connect Your Optin Funnel To Your ESP - ($200 value)
  • Us to write and load up your “autoresponder” email Welcome Series - ($2,000 value)
  • Customized Traffic Plan Based On Your Budget - ($450 value)
  • Done For You Emails (we write them for you)  - ($1,250 value)
  • (2) Done With You Affiliate Promotions Every Month - ($2,000 value)
  • FREE Membership To WeBuyClicks - ($1,000 value)
  • Group Tutoring Sessions (2 sessions a week) - ($600 value)
  • Lifetime Discount on Clicks From Zero Chase Media - (Limitless value)
  • Weekly Group Live Training With Me (Tim) - (Priceless)
  • Weekly Group Tech Tutoring Support - ($600 value)
  • Weekly Email Copywriting Coaching - ($1,000 value)
  • Access to the V.I.P. Private Group - ($299 value)
  • Main Course (already yours)

Now if you add all that up, you’ll come to a total of $10,399 in value.

And that‘s not even including the priceless mentoring you'll get from me or all the limitless value you’ll get from lifetime discounts on clicks from Zero Chase Media.

So in reality you're getting closer to $19,000+ in value when you consider what all you’ll receive.

But that’s not even all of it!

Because I recently decided to tack on a couple of FREE bonuses to sweeten the deal even more.

I’m telling you, I went way out of my way to make this a no-brainer for ambitious folks like yourself.

FREE BONUS #1: Product Owner Profits - 100% commissions on all of our front end products

This is an incredible opportunity because most folks only offer around 50% commission when you promote their front-end products.

But as an Income Insider, you’ll get a full 100% commission on any of our FE products that you successfully promote!

Which means you're basically making DOUBLE what you would make promoting anything else.

Obviously, you're free to promote whatever you like, but we just like to take care of our Income Insiders by offering these insane 100% commissions.

Just think about how quickly that kind of money can stack up.

FREE BONUS #2: Backend Profits -  30-50% Commissions on all of our back end products

Once again our commissions for V.I.P.s are very generous.

A “back end” product is anything a prospect buys ON TOP of the initial purchase.

Most folks don't even offer a commission for back-end sales, but we're giving you a whopping 30-50%!

Which is essentially compounding your income with every sale.

Which is pretty damn sweet if I do say so myself.

Ok so in the beginning I told you if you stuck around I’d give you a $500 voucher to use.  

But here’s the deal.

The $500 only applies to those who become an Income Insider today.

I want to treat action takers who are serious about making money with this system.

And since this is the next step anyway, why wait?

I can tell you an old saying that’s proven true over and over again for me personally.

“Money loves speed.”

And on top of the $500 I’m giving you to spend today…

I’m applying all the money you already spent on the Simple Affiliate System and any upgrades you may have added toward this next step.

Which means you essentially get all the stuff you already bought FOR FREE.

All while taking advantage of the extra $500 I'm giving you to spend today.

We already established that you're getting AT LEAST $10,399 in value.

And in reality, some of this stuff is priceless so I’d really say you’re getting closer to $19,000 in value.

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that today.

My goal here is to put you into a situation where you practically can't lose.

I believe that becoming an Income Insider is the best way I can come close to guaranteeing you'll succeed.

And you can become an Income Insider today for a mere $699 $199

Which will likely pay for itself in just the first month or two if you're motivated.

Plus I’m giving you the option to opt for the payment plan.

Which means you don't have to pay all upfront today.

Instead you’ll only pay $19 per month over the next 12 months. Truth is, this investment should pay for itself (and then some) every month.

I like this option because it’s not even really an expense.

And if you ever feel like you're not getting value from the program, simply let me know and you can cancel at any time.

So if you're serious about this (and if you're still watching this, I know you are.)...

Why wouldn't you jump at this opportunity now?

You're going to need to take the next step eventually, but it’s only going to cost more if you wait.

(In fact, it will be at least DOUBLE the price if you wait.)

Not to mention all the money you're set to lose if you don't start out with a bang right out the gate.

And when you join you’ll be working with me and my experienced marketers, so you don't have to go back and fix the things you screwed up.

Basically putting yourself in a position where it’s almost impossible to lose.

Look, I have my finger on the pulse of this market and have been doing this for over a decade.

My experience is priceless and cannot be substituted.

Getting real-time support and over-the-shoulder insights will be invaluable to your income stream and your overall success.

So let’s get you closer to the finish line than you would be able to do on your own.

Remember, I want to help you to have an unfair advantage.

I mean, the membership to WeBuyClicks alone is worth more than I’m charging for the entire Income Insider package!

I don't know how any serious person says “no” to that!

So go ahead and click the button below this video to take advantage of this insane one-time special offer and choose between the payment plan or paying up front today.

Once you enter your information, you’ll become an Income Insider instantly.

The choice is yours.

Are you going to be one of the success stories that you've seen here today?

Or will you put this off like all the other people who came in with the greatest of intentions but never made it?

If you decide to wait, the $500 comes off the table and you’ll have to pay at least double when you decide “the time is right.”

So when you're ready hit the button below and choose the package that’s right for you.

Choose your plan to get started on your journey today!


Lifetime Access To Income Insiders

Normal Price $699

Join today for a one-time payment of $199

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Join for 12 monthly payments of $19

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