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Hey there! I want to take a quick second to say, welcome to the Simple Affiliate System program!

I'm so glad that you've made the choice to be an affiliate marketer and to truly start doing something that I know can help you succeed online this year.

Please do not close this page because your login information and important next steps, by the way, are going to appear right below this video in just a few minutes. 

So if you leave now, obviously you're not, not going to be able to get logged into your new Simple Affiliate System account, and we don't want that.

Now this is the part where you're used to seeing someone say, "Thank you so much for buying into our program, but here's all the other stuff you got to buy to make it work."

It's called an upsell, right?

And listen, for the most part, you hate that. You hate them and I'll be totally honest with you... 

Usually we have plenty of upsells for our courses and truth be told, now that you're a Simple Affiliate System member, you're going to be glad that we do, because those very upsells that you hate, could start generating revenue and commissions for you in the future.

But I had a problem that I couldn't get out of my head.

After 10 plus years of members loving our training, I continued to hear the same thing from people over and over and over again.

They said, "Tim, why didn't you just tell us everything we needed up front? We would've gladly purchased it but all the continued selling just drove me crazy."

Okay. I admit that maybe it was a lot of selling, but honestly it's not that uncommon. In fact, everybody does it.

Usually these upsells, they're "done-for-you" types of things or they're software that really helps people get started with the initial program, at a faster pace.

But since I care about my members and yep, that's YOU now...

I listen to what they say and I'm trying something completely different. I'm going to give you all the upsells that were associated with the Simple Affiliate System Program completely free.

It's over $691 in value, that you'll be charged ZERO for.

In fact, as you read this page, all of these upsells are being activated for you in your account right this minute. There's no catch at all. You didn't realize it, but you're actually a part of a test that I'm doing right now to see if my Simple Affiliate System members will appreciate me not selling them everything, but giving them everything that they possibly need to succeed.

Finally, doing what my members ask, just giving you everything you need without selling you a bunch of stuff that you don't need.

Here's the thing, the only thing that I'm going to offer you here is something that I think you really need.

It complements our Simple Affiliate System Program and it will take me less than five minutes to tell you what it is.

So here's the thing.

You've got a system now that's online and it's ready to start generating commissions.

Nothing in life is guaranteed though. Right?

But I can tell you that without the Simple Affiliate System Program, you'd spend countless hours trying to find products that will generate profits for you, build webpages and funnels, set up emails and everything else that goes along with building a wildly successful online business. 

But since I've done all that for you, right now the only thing you really need to do is pour gasoline on the fire.

What that means is you need traffic.

Traffic simply means that you need to start generating customers and visitors to your new Simple Affiliate System business.

As quickly as today, you'll have everything set up and ready, but you'll need some traffic to get things really off the ground. 

But here's one thing to be aware of. Not all traffic is created equally, meaning you can actually get bad traffic. But that isn't going to do you any good and it won't do me any good, right? Remember we're in this together now.

So here's what I'm going to do right now, which is completely unprecedented, but should surely show you how serious I am about helping you get traffic and conversions.

I'm going to offer you the opportunity to let me show you exactly what traffic sources work the best.

My Free Traffic Formula Course shows you exactly how to make all the major traffic sources work for your new business.

No more guessing on your end. We've spent upwards of $50,000 and sometimes $75,000 in a single week, buying traffic from these exact sources.

So guess what? We're able to tell you exactly what works. Now, you know you're getting good traffic that converts to this exact business, now that you have literally got everything you need to be able to get your traffic from these sources exactly like I do.

I'm a firm believer in walking before you run. I would never ask you to spend a ton of money on traffic right now because your business isn't fully set up. 

You do that once you log in, and you haven't really completed the entire plan.

So here's what I'm going to do for you.

If you act now, I'm going to give you access to this Free Traffic Formula Course that breaks down exactly how to make all the major traffic sources work with your new business. 

I cover things that can also make you far more profitable, like how to optimize each traffic source to get more buyers.

The button at the bottom of this page will allow you to get in on this exclusive opportunity to essentially do exactly what I'm doing, with the same traffic that I'm buying for my business.

But I'm not going to stop there because I know if you're anything like me, here's what's going to happen...

You're going to get some traffic. 

You're going to see some results, see some commissions and what are you going to do?

Get more traffic.

So if you act now and you click the button down below to reserve your access to my Free Traffic Formula training, I'm also going to unlock a new button in your member's area called the Secret Traffic Source. 

This will allow you to come back and get, as much or as little traffic from my exact sources, as you would like time and time again.

This practically guarantees that you have that whole traffic issue taken care of.

If you don't have to constantly try to figure out what works or where to get traffic from, you can simply click a button and have some of my traffic delivered right to your business, that's amazing.

Look, I usually don't do things like this.

However, again, with the Simple Affiliate System Program, it's completely different because it's designed to allow me to profit when you profit.

My goal is not to hold anything back from you. It's not to keep any exclusive opportunities for myself or to give you theory instead of actionable steps, or anything like that at all.

I need you to hit the ground running. I want you to make this your most profitable year, because if you do, guess what? It's going to be huge for us both.

So to recap, here is what is happening. 

You have successfully enrolled in our Simple Affiliate System Program and you're going to start earning 75% commissions on every sale that you generate with your new business.

I'll be sending you checks, and commission checks, every single month on the 15th of the month when you generate sales.

You'll get all those dreaded upsells completely free as a part of a test that I'm doing to see if my members really appreciate the “Don't sell me the world, just give me what I need approach”. 

Transparency and honesty are key and I want to start this off that way.

The only thing I'm offering you right now is a Traffic Optimization Blueprint called Free Traffic Formula. 

That's not an upsell. It's simply something that you're going to end up needing to have anyway, if you want to generate revenue. 

Remember a great business still makes no sales without customers. 

If you do take action now, I'm also going to be unlocking a special Secret Traffic Source button in your member's area that ensures that you can tap right into my exclusive traffic source, anytime you like, for as much traffic as you like, when you get to that point of the training.

This means traffic isn't going to be a big worry for you this year.

And not only am I giving you access to this program for an incredibly low price, I am also adding in a 60 day money back guarantee.

Which means if for any reason you decide you don't think this program far surpassed your expectations, then simply send me an email, I will refund you your entire investment, and we will still be friends.

Like I said, I need you to be successful, so I'm just going to over-deliver and blow you away with real value.

My goal is to make this your final destination for the success that you deserve.

Take advantage of my Free Traffic Formula, and get access to our Secret Traffic Source, my proven traffic source.

There's also a link that says, "No thanks," which you can click if you don't see any value in having access to this entire package here; My Traffic Source and My Free Traffic Formula.

Either way. I need you to click one of the options below so we can complete your Simple Affiliate System order and get you logged in.

I'll see you on the inside and again, I want to welcome you to the Simple Affiliate System Program.

Click the button below to get access to the Free Traffic Formula Upgrade Now!

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