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You did it!

Whether you realize it or not, you just made the smartest decision of your life.

Now don’t worry because you’re on the correct page.

Right now I have an important update to share with you.

So make sure you read this short update all the way to the end…

And don’t close this window or hit the “back” arrow as it may create errors on your order.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that you took the first steps to living a life of true freedom.

I mean, look at what just happened here.

You started the day as a prisoner to your job and to your boss.

Living your life on someone else’s terms and slogging through each day because you have bills to pay.

Working your butt off every day for an ungrateful boss just to make somebody else rich.

I get it.

I’ve been there.

But you knew this isn’t the way to want to spend the rest of your life.

And when you saw an opportunity to do something about it…

You said, “I’m not going to take it anymore!”

And you decided that from now on, you’re going to live life on your own terms.

And from that moment on, your life was forever changed. I mean it.

When you hit that button to get your copy of the Simple Affiliate System you didn’t just get an amazing product…

You changed the very course of your life.

It’s true.

Because there won’t be a single aspect of your life that won’t be significantly better once you start making money online.

Whether it’s bringing in an extra thousand bucks a month to help improve your quality of life…

Or if you go “all-in” and quit your job to live the “laptop lifestyle”…

Everything about your life is about to improve.

Your stress levels will drop as you feel calmer and more relaxed than you’ve ever felt in your adult life.

Your relationship with your significant other will thrive like never before.

You’ll become a superhero to your kids.

After all, when you’re living life on YOUR terms…

Working whenever and wherever you feel like it…

And making as much money as you please…

Family life will spark more joy than you’ve ever experienced before.

And let’s be honest here…

The financial benefits are going to feel great too.

Because when YOU control how much you want to earn every month…

Life is a lot more enjoyable.

And frankly, It’s the life that you deserve.

Imagine how your old coworkers are going to react when they see your new lifestyle.

Or how good it’s going to feel moving your family into a new home, with more space, and better schools for your kids.

And can you picture the look on your old boss’s face when he finds out you’re living in a nicer neighborhood than he ever will?

Now I’m not the type of guy who’s out to “get revenge” on people…

But I’m here to tell you that it’s going to feel damn good.

Not having to worry about money is going to change your whole relationship with your spouse.

Being able to send your kids to the best colleges on the planet is going to give you a sense of security and pride you’ve never felt before.

Honestly, there won’t be a single aspect of your life that won’t improve once you start making money on your own terms.

Your coffee will taste better in the mornings.

The air you breathe will feel fresher.

You’ll start to notice the beauty all around you.

You’ll look like a hero to your family.

And I know that you’ll agree that this is living.

And once you experience a taste of TRUE freedom, you’ll want to keep living the good life for the rest of your days.

Or will you?

Maybe none of this happens.

Maybe you will never start making money online.

Maybe you stay broke.

Maybe you stay stuck in a job you hate.

Working for a boss that doesn’t respect you and doesn’t give a crap about you.

And working yourself to death while never getting ahead.

Missing your kid’s soccer games and choir recitals because you need to go to work.

Because here’s the thing.

Even though you made the wise choice to invest in yourself today by getting the Simple Affiliate System…

You can still sabotage your success.

I’ve seen it happen before.

Truth is, it happens WAY too often.

So one day I locked myself in my office to come up with a plan.

My goal was to figure out the reason so many people sabotage their success even after getting their hand on such a simple income system.

And what I found were two main reasons why people don't experience success with the Simple Affiliate System.

  1. Most people never even get started

  2. Almost nobody has a “growth plan” (for long-term success)

Let's talk about the first one real quick.

You would think that folks would be boiling over with excitement after getting their hands on this dead-simple income system that allows them to make money from home.

But come to find out…that is absolutely NOT the case.

In fact, I’d say around 80% of people who buy this dead-simple income system never even get started.

And I don't want that to be you.

Whether it’s because you get busy and forget about it…

Or maybe you get “shiny object syndrome” and jump to the next thing before even getting started...

Perhaps you have the best intentions but just “freeze up” when it comes time to actually take action (which is extremely common I found out.)

And just like that…all your dreams go up in smoke.

Dead before you even get started.

Which means you’ll continue to hit the snooze button 3 or 4 times every morning.

Because you’ll still dread waking up and going to a job you really don’t want.

Look, some “gurus” are happy to sell courses, programs, etc. knowing damn well most people will never use them.

But not me.

In fact, it disgusts me to think about someone buying my system and never getting started with it.

So I decided to do something about it.

What I did is start polling people who bought the Simple Affiliate System…to find out what happened after they purchased it.

My goal was to find out why so many people never get started with the system they bought.

And the results shocked the hell out of me.

Because the overwhelming majority of people all said the same thing.

They were too intimidated to ever get the system up and going.

Which surprised me at first.

The whole point of the Simple Affiliate System is to…well…be simple.

And the truth is that it really is simple.

But what I underestimated is how common it is to get “cold feet” when starting something new.

It’s just human nature to be intimidated when starting new things.

Venturing into unknown territory is a scary thing…even when it’s simple.

And It’s so easy for us as humans to psych ourselves out.

So even the smallest bump in the road can cause folks to throw their hands up and say “I don't know what I’m doing!”

And then it really hit me when I realized one other common theme…

Most of the people who buy this system are BUSY.

Busy still working their “day job.”

And in many cases, they're working a ton of hours while juggling a family, etc.

So it’s easy to see why so many people simply never get started.

But here’s the thing…

The 20% of folks who do get the Simple Affiliate System up and going within a few days of purchasing…

Almost always turn out to be success stories.

The ones I feature in my testimonials.

And I’m going to share my solution for this in just a minute.

But first, let's talk about the 2nd reason so many people sabotage their success.

They don't know how to plan ahead.

And believe me, it makes a HUGE difference.

And to show you just how crucial this is I’ll share a quick experiment with you.

Two guys bought the Simple Affiliate System on the same day a while back.

We’ll call them John and Dave.

They were both new to making money online.

They both came from blue-collar backgrounds.

Same education levels (high school graduates).

And both got started with the system right after purchasing it. (Hooray for John and Dave!)

So all-in-all I’d expect these two fellas to have the same amount of success.

But get this…

A few months in, Dave was making 10X what John was!

I was stunned when I heard the results these two guys were reporting.

So I had to find out, what made the difference?

Well, the answer was so simple I had a “facepalm” moment when it hit me.

Dave went and hired an advisor to plan out the next six months for his income system.

Which means he had a plan to grow his income as time went by.

That was the only difference!

So with this information in my hands, I decided to come up with a plan.

And that’s why you're seeing this page today.

Because I figured out an easy way to practically ensure your success with the Simple Affiliate system.

And that’s to have one of my advisers work hand-in-hand with you to:

  1. Set up your Simple Affiliate System with you, so it’s all set up and ready to start making money for you right out the gate.
  2. Create a 12-month growth plan so you know exactly how to grow your income over the next 12 months and beyond.

This eliminates the two main reasons people don't succeed with the Simple Affiliate System.

Because you’ll have one of my expert advisors “holding your hand” to both get this set up going in the next 48 hours…

AND have a 12-month growth plan in place moving forward.

This way you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that everything is organized properly rather than having to wonder if you screwed something up along the way.

Because this is a done-with-you service.

Which means you won't be doing this all on your own.

Instead, you’ll have your very own advisor (personally trained by me!) walking you through each step of the process.

So all you have to do is keep adding people to your email list and send those emails that make you money.

But you don't even have to figure that part out.

Because I’m also including 2 insanely valuable bonuses when you upgrade your order today.

FREE Bonus #1

shows you exactly how I find qualified people to add to my email list.

This is important because if you set this up properly, it basically puts your income system on “autopilot.”

And that’s exactly what I’ve figured out how to do.

Because the Online Billboard System I created automatically attracts the exact customers these online businesses are looking for.

And once they voluntarily give you their email address…

All you have to do is send them an email or two connecting them with the online business they are looking for.

And when they buy from that online business, you get paid.

Which brings me to the next bonus.

FREE Bonus #2

shows you exactly how I come up with the email content in under 15 minutes a day!

I created this bonus because a number of folks wrote to me and said they were struggling with the email part.

And I realized that most people simply don't know what to write in these money-making emails.

So that’s why you're getting my Daily Email System as a FREE bonus when you upgrade your order on this page today.

Which means you won't have to guess about what to write in these emails since I’ll just show you.

Now, this is kind of a no-brainer in my opinion.

Do you think your chance of success will increase if you have your very own advisor helping you every step of the way?

So the whole thing is ready to start bringing you income 48 hours from now? (With a 12-month growth plan in place?)

Or are you one of the few people who are going to take action immediately and feel completely comfortable setting up this online system? (And coming up with your own growth plan?)

If that's you then great!

I can't wait to watch you succeed.

But from what I’ve experienced, your likelihood of success is 498% higher if you have someone walking you through the process right out of the gate.

And I really want you to succeed.

So this done-with-you service is designed to give you the best chance of success possible.

It guarantees that you don't procrastinate or sabotage your own success.

Instead, you’ll be ready to start bringing in an income just 2 days from now.

With a clear path forward to increase your income over the next year.

Plus you’ll have peace of mind knowing that everything is set up properly.

So that some minor detail with the software doesn’t derail the whole thing before you even get started.

Because you will know FOR SURE that your income system is ready to do its job.

Which for me, is priceless.

I can tell you I wish I had something like this available to me when I was just getting started!

Because I can tell you without a doubt, for most people, this done-with-you service will determine whether you succeed or fail with the Simple Affiliate System.  

So now you need to ask yourself.

What is this worth to you?

How much is peace of mind and a real shot at success worth to you and your family?

How badly do you really want the ability to make money whenever you want, wherever you want?

What is that kind of freedom worth to you?

I can tell you what it cost me to come up with this service.

It took me 12 years of non-stop experimenting.

Using the costly “trial and error” method.

It’s also cost me tens-of-thousands of dollars in failed efforts.

And it cost me another few thousand dollars to hire and train my advisors to be able to help you along the way.

So I pondered what to charge for this for quite a long time.

Thing is, I really want you to succeed. I’m a little bit “old school” like that.

I don't believe in selling people something and walking away.

Plus the more people I help, the more testimonials and referrals I get.

So that’s a win-win for everybody.

And since I’m in this for the long term…it’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

So on one hand, I wanted to give you your own advisor for free.

But that just isn't feasible because I have to stay in business.

Plus I still have to pay my talented advisors well because they put A LOT of work into this.

And I know if I gave this away for free, most people don't value it anyway.

So I want you to have “skin in the game” if you will.

Because I found that when you pay for something, you place a much higher value on it and will actually take advantage.

So I eventually settled on a one-time fee of $1000 to have your very own advisor.

But honestly, that didn't feel right either.

Because if you're like most of my clients, you don't have a ton of extra cash lying around (yet).

So $1000 just isn't realistic for most folks just getting started with the Simple Affiliate System.

And since I want to get some quick wins for a few folks in the next couple weeks…I dedicated myself to bringing the price way down.

So instead of merely cutting the cost in half like originally planned…I eventually decided I wouldn't even charge you the $500.

But as long as you upgrade your order on this page today, you’ll get a one-time discount that brings the price all the way down to $500  $19

Which is really a no-brainer in my book.

Like I said, I would've saved several years, and tens-of-thousands of dollars if something like existed when I got started.

But there’s only one catch.

I want action takers who are going to get started right away.

So this is the only time you will be able to get this done-with-you service.

Once you leave this page today you’ll never have this opportunity again.

And since I know it’s a little scary to make decisions on the fly, I’ve decided to take extra steps to ease your mind.

That’s why I’m including my 60-day 100% money-back guarantee when you upgrade your order today. 

So why not try it out and see what happens?

After all, I’m the one shouldering all the risk here.

You’ll either:

  1. Start making more money, faster with your advisor walking you through each and every step

  2. OR…you can change your mind and email or call my customer support team to get 100% of your money back. 

As you can see, I’ve gone out of my way to make this a win-win scenario for you.

Putting all the risk on my shoulders so you can say “YES!” to have the best shot at success.

So go ahead and click the button below to automatically upgrade your order.

When you do, I want you to set a timer for 48 hours, because that’s when your income system will be ready to start making you money!

All without having to do all the work by yourself to set it up or wondering if you did everything correctly.

I intentionally made this an easy decision for you.

This will give you the best shot at getting amazing results (aka money) from the system that you already bought.

So hit the button below and give yourself the best chance at being the next great success story!

One-time fee of $19
60-Day Money Back Guarantee! No question asked.

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